5 Fun Fundraising Event Ideas

November 14 2015

Photo by:  Howard Lake


For non-profits and charities, hosting an event is a tried and true way of raising much needed funds. But if you’re looking to mix things up and go beyond just variety shows and silent auctions, we’ve gathered a few more creative ideas that will engage and entertain your donors. 


1.  Guess the Weight

via:  Alder Hey

Photo by: Scott Beale

Bake a cake or fill a box with something sweet. Ask your audience to guess the weight, but they must donate $1 or so for each guess. The winner receives the object being weighed.


2.  Reverse Raffle

via:  Reality Crowd TV

Photo by:  Matthew Loberg

All potential donors receive free tickets, but they are required to do something embarrassing unless they pay up a predetermined amount. 


3.  Trivia Tournament

via:  DonorPro

Photo by:  ocean yamaha

Host a tournament for teams to compete in a trivia challenge. Charge an entrance fee and audience admission. 


4.  Speed Networking

via:  NonProfit Information

This is a combination of speed dating, networking luncheons, and happy hour events.


5.  Food Challenge

via:  EventBrite

Get local restaurants or caterers to donate/sponsor massive food creations and see how fast entrants can complete the challenge.



Make your fundraising event more memorable by brainstorming creative ways to excite your donors. Have any more ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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