CEOCFO Magazine Interviews Kreg Peeler

April 21 2015 | by SpinGo Team

"We believe events should be experienced and that there are a lot of great things happening in our communities that we have missed. SpinGo wants to be known as the facilitator that helps people have great experiences in their life."

These Guys Are Crazy: Getting to Know Peerless Group

April 14 2015 | by Dave Tab, Peerless Group

There’s a certain type of focus, almost adrenaline, that coincides with executing successful events that makes imprints on an industry.  Each time we execute events, we really aim to always add some unique or original aspect that the attendees love while leaving a Peerless stamp on it.

Flat out, everyone should have a Google Chromecast. How could you not when this handy little streaming stick is only thirty bucks? For your average consumer, it’s a great way to bring all of our favorite streaming services to the big screen. For an event maker, the Chromecast has a lot of nifty tricks up its sleeve, allowing you to take greater advantage of any display at your disposal. Here are few ways we’ve found the Chromecast can come in handy with your next event.

Apple versus Microsoft. Ford versus Chevy. Harvard versus Yale. All of these rivalries pale in comparison to the heated battle that occurs in malls across America: Elevators versus escalators. Each carry their individual strengths and weaknesses, but which one truly reigns supreme? For event makers and for the event industry, escalators are truly championed. 

When SpinGo wrapped up 2013—the year we launched our national event guide network—we ended up with 21,000 total events added to our platform. In 2015, we are processing that many submissions in a matter of days. With so many events being submitted to SpinGo, we wanted to simplify and streamline the process for event makers. Today we’re excited to release major improvements to our event submission process.