SpinGo + Scala

May 22 2015 | by Tim Harper

At SpinGo, we've been building our software on Scala, a statically-typed, multi-paradigm programming language for the JVM. We've enjoyed it and would like to share our experience.

You have an event coming up soon, but ticket sales aren’t quite where you want them to be. You have been trying a variety of tactics hoping to increase your sales, but nothing really seems to be working. What do you do to increase ticket sales?

Win an Apple Watch from SpinGo

May 05 2015 | by Jeff Lew

SpinGo recently shared 5 reasons why the Apple Watch was made for event makers. Now we want to give you a chance to win one for yourself through our Apple Watch Giveaway!

There’s a tired-looking, castle-like edifice that looms over a street corner in Lewiston, Idaho. Though worn and weary on the outside, it’s bursting with massive energy on the inside. This is the home of the Lewiston Civic Theatre, which has been a fixture in the community for the last 52 years, delighting patrons with productions like “Rent,” “Of Mice and Men,” “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” and other award-winning theatrical entertainment.

Creating an event is time consuming, chaotic, and it requires your team to all be on the same page. It can be a messy experience if you don’t have the right tools to assist you on the job, which is why we compiled a list of ten apps you can always keep in your pocket. Plan and execute your event to perfection with these apps.