10 Creative Event Flyer Ideas

July 14 2015 | by Jeff lew

A well designed event flyer has the perfect blend of art and copy, it generates AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), and it gets people to your event. The downside to flyers? They generally contribute to the visual noise that people are actively filtering out every day.

The first job of your event flyer is to break through the noise and clutter.

Do you ever wish you could magically sell out your event? Well, this isn't magic, but improving your messaging sure works like a charm.

Power failures? Bring a backup generator. Congested conference wifi? Purchase a few different data plans. A variety of screws but only one screw driver? Bring a tool set. Gigantic banners need hanging? Bring extra zip ties.

Event makers are some of the busiest people out there, living in a world of to-do lists: marketing tasks, unanswered emails, venue options, talent choices, grocery items, books to read, and the list (no pun intended), goes on and on. Unless you’ve been blessed with a truly gifted mind, your brain just isn’t wired to remember everything you’re supposed to do. Pen on paper has long been the way to capture daily tasks—and many people still use this method—but smartphones are now the practical solution to increase personal productivity.

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and your event is ready to go! But remember that Murphy’s Law is constantly working which means that something will inevitably go wrong. Here are seven last minute tips to stay ahead of potential obstacles, and make your attendees experience the best it could possibly be. Remember, the difference between a good and a great event often lies within the small details that go into it. Avoid the following mistakes to ensure a smoother, less stressful event