Who’s Listing Events on SpinGo?

December 18 2015 | by Jeff lew

SpinGo receives more than 40,000 event submissions each month from a wide variety event makers looking to get the word out. Most of these submissions come through our calendar network, and they create a diverse selection of unique events. SpinGo displays events of all shapes and sizes, but we can typically assign submitters of any event type to just five different groups.

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How to Create an Event Listing That Sells

December 11 2015 | by Kreg Peeler

If you have a limited marketing budget, event listings are a great (and free) way to get the word out. There are many event calendars and places to list your event online, including SpinGo.com, and the best part of getting listed is that your event is displayed in front of people who are actively browsing new and interesting things to do. 

On the other side of the coin, however, your listing competes with all the other events for attention. If your listing doesn’t immediately grab someone’s interest, your event will be ignored.

Many of the event makers we speak with say that they spend hours upon hours getting their events listed on multiple websites. With such a huge investment in time, it’s crucial that your event listing is performing at its best. 

Here are some simple tips to immediately elevate the quality of your listings.

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