We've all experienced those events that seem to make the night perfect and like we never want it to end. But how do you create those experiences every time you put on an event? Follow these tips to knock your event out of the park every single time. 

Findings from the SLC Event Makers Summit

October 06 2015 | by Colin Matthes

We held a conference for event makers, and here are the 5 key ways they said event makers could improve event attendance. 

At SpinGo, we’re honored to be associated with such great partners. Your legacy, your readership—we’re amazed by what you’ve built. We’re also super impressed with what some of our partners have accomplished by utilizing the SpinGo calendar and content. Take a look at some of these wins:

233% of Licensing Fee Earned Back in Promotional Rev Share - One of our partners has a calendar that’s paying for itself and and then some.

Premier Ad Space Sold Out. Again. - Another one of our great partners has become such an event discovery destination, that it consistently sells out its Premier ad space each month.

Submissions, Submissions, Submissions - Though it isn’t the largest news publication in its metro, or even the second largest, one particular partner is typically at the top of our list with the most public submissions.

What type of content goes on your calendar? Find out how to use your calendar efficiently. 

What the new Apple iOS 9 Does for Event Planning

September 24 2015 | by Colin Matthes

The new Apple iOS 9 update just came out for iPhones. See how the new updates can help you be a more efficient event planner.