The Top 30 Events in the United States 2016

January 11 2016 | by Colin Matthes

Top 30 concerts, festivals, fun runs, and events everyone should attend in 2016!

Using Facebook to Promote Events

January 08 2016 | by Kreg Peeler

When Facebook Events first launched in 2005, it became more of a platform to share parties, rather than a place to list events. Now, more than a decade later, Facebook has begun to develop its platform to be a lot more useful for events. In fact, the company has made some small but impactful changes in recent months to help users better discover events.

There are many ways event makers can leverage Facebook in their marketing efforts. But first, here are the changes to Facebook you should be aware of.

3 Event Ideas for Securing Major Gifts

January 05 2016 | by Guest Post

Major giving is a major deal for nonprofits. Rightly so! Some organizations report that more than 80% of their donations come from less than 20% of their donors. Want to know who tips the balance in that direction? Major gift donors.

Why you should be blogging about your event

December 29 2015 | by Kreg Peeler

If you've chosen to stay out of blogging for your event, here are five reasons why you need to change your mind. 

SpinGo’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

December 21 2015 | by SpinGo

SpinGo lists their 2016 New Year's resolutions. See what our goals are for the new year!