There are a ton of nonprofit conferences coming up next year. Are you going to any of them?

If so, you can’t afford to miss out on all of the fantastic networking opportunities that these events offer. Whether you’re looking to more effectively measure your fundraising metrics or boost your donor acquisition, nonprofit fundraising conferences can give you a wealth of information and are perfect for meeting other nonprofit professionals.

Recently, SpinGo conducted a survey revealing how U.S. event attendees feel about their personal safety at live events and how their safety perceptions have changed after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Read more to see the results and see how you can ensure your event attendees feel safe. 

How To Write a Press Release for Your Event

December 01 2015 | by Colin Matthes

Writing a press release for your event probably isn’t your favorite part of your job, but as an event maker, a well written press release can garner attention from well respected publications in the area where your event will take place. Your press release will be a success if you can get the critical information to your readers. Press releases aren’t fancy, you don’t get to put a lot of voice into them, but they get the information across and they do so effectively. Here are 5 hacks for getting the most out of your event press release:

5 Affordable and Effective Swag Items

November 19 2015 | by Colin Matthes

Have you ever gone to an event and left with what you felt was a real steal? Sure we’d all love to hand out swag that Oprah would be proud of, the expensive iPads or cars that everybody would rave about, but the reality is, most of us don’t have the budget to give away tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts. So, what do you give?

5 Fun Fundraising Event Ideas

November 14 2015 | by Jeff Lew

For non-profits and charities, hosting an event is a tried and true way of raising much needed funds. But if you’re looking to mix things up and go beyond just variety shows and silent auctions, we’ve gathered a few more creative ideas that will engage and entertain your donors.