Improving the Vibe at Your Event

March 25 2016 | by Colin Matthes

Do you ever wonder how you could make your event even better next year? Here are three easy to implement hacks that will take your event from good to great! 

Before doing anything else for your event, you sit down and make goals for what you want to get out of your event. What is the purpose behind planning the event? Are you hoping to make a profit? Or do you just want people in your community to have a good time?  

The Potential of Virtual Reality at Events

March 15 2016 | by Colin Matthes

Recently, I attended an event where virtual reality stations were set up. At these stations, you could try out and jump into the world of virtual reality, teleporting yourself to new worlds and new experiences. The experience was incredible and unique, and left you amazed at all the possibilities virtual reality brings to the entertainment industry.

Events tomorrow will look and feel very different than they do today. With the integration of wireless technology, events will be unique on an individual level. Tech is going to change the way we experience events, and it's going to happen soon. 

For the majority of people, your event title will be the first and only thing they read about your event. Knowing that, what type of information do you want to include into your event title? What type of information should you leave out? The right title will convert views into clicks, where interested readers can learn more about your event.