Introducing SpinGo Event Master

February 11 2016 | by SpinGo Team

SpinGo introduces SpinGo Event Master - the only ticketing solution that integrates with your scheduling, reporting, marketing, volunteer management, and other tools you need to manage your event. Access it all from a single, easy-to-use dashboard, and bid farewell to managing your event with spreadsheets. SpinGo Event Master includes three major features to simplify the entire event organizing process:

Mobile fundraising is an amazing tool for fundraising of all kinds. But like most tools, if people don’t know they exist (or don’t know how to use them properly), they’re likely to remain tucked away on a shelf in the garage, gathering dust.

Many people see the nonprofit world and the corporate sphere as two separate entities. One is concerned with serving a particular group or area, while the other is primarily focused on profits and pleasing consumers.

But while the two sectors serve different purposes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be isolated from one another.

In fact, companies with robust corporate philanthropy programs often find themselves partnering with nonprofits to create positive change in their local communities via volunteer programs, employee giving programs, and more.

If you’ve never built a website, or you don’t know how to code, the idea of getting something online can feel daunting. Fortunately, there are a few different services that can help you get up and running without programming skills, design, or copywriting experience. These services offer a variety of templates to start from, so you don’t need to be a designer to build a functional, beautiful website.

Iva Nedelcheva remembers the day she decided she was going to be a full time event maker. It was back in 2002, as she was completing her masters degree from NYIT that Iva organized and put on a charity fashion show for one her friends and followed that up by worked on the Miss Bulgaria pageant, and she was hooked. The experiences had such an impact on her, Iva knew that she wanted to work on events for her career. And she did. 

SpinGo caught up with Iva to ask her some questions about Eventex, how PR relates to events, and how to make a successful event.