If you’re planning an event, you need a website. It’s as simple as that. Nowadays, people tend to discover things to do online, and your event website is a place for them to learn all about ticketing, venue info, and everything else that will convince them to attend. An official online destination should be the first thing you create when marketing an event.

The Facebook News Feed is a double-edged sword. It provides users a constant stream of engaging content, but marketers looking to advertise on the platform need to find ways to break through the noise.

How To Use Snapchat For Your Event

August 18 2016 | by Colin Matthes

As you go about your normal daily activities, you may have noticed people under the age of 25 gathering in groups, making weird faces, laughing, and pointing at something obviously hysterical on their phones. Have you ever wondered what they're doing? Welcome to the reign of Snapchat, an app for sending photos that delete after 10 seconds.

Pitch sponsors. Announce your lineup. Make a statement. There are many benefits to showing off your event experience through online videos. And in today’s YouTube generation, there are more tools available than ever before to help you quickly produce video content without breaking your budget.

Where Is My Event Audience?

May 31 2016 | by Kate Flynn

How do you break through the noise, reach your event goers where they are, and spin an event story your audience wants to read? The channels and methods you pick to reach your audience are just as important as the message. And the good news is, since so many people want to be the first to discover and share, the odds are in your favor to create a good marketing campaign that will gain momentum. Let’s take a look at different channels you can use to reach your audience, and some tips to maximize exposure.