Life as an event maker can be stressful, to put it lightly. With so many hats to wear and so many moving parts for your event, it can feel like you are up to your neck in tasks. The feeling can be overwhelming, and sometimes it becomes hard to focus on just one aspect of the event without getting distracted by another looming task.

With so many stressors, sometimes a quick break is all you need to get back on track. Taking a few minutes of time to clear your mind and reset can pay big dividends. We put together a list of six apps for event makers that will help you clear your mind, calm down, and focus on the task at hand.

11 Ways To Build A Millennial Event

May 03 2016 | by Colin Matthes

It’s official. Millennials are now the largest cohort of the population - making up more than a quarter of the total U.S. population. They have spending power, and are waiting to be sold. Now that the millennial craze is in full effect, it’s time to understand how to build a millennial events, or events that attract millennials. Here are 10 tips for building an event that will attract millennials.

6 Ways To Elevate Your Event

April 21 2016 | by Kate Flynn

Any event has the potential to be outstanding and memorable, but those perceived impressions rely on how hard you, the event maker, work to create that experience for your attendees. Here are 6 simple ways that can dramatically elevate your event, leaving attendees wanting to return year after year.  

Do Billboards Work for Advertising an Event?

April 19 2016 | by Colin Matthes

We currently live in a digital era, a time where at most, access to the internet is no more than a  pocket-reach away. The average person now spends more time on their electronic devices than sleeping, and more time checking emails in the morning than eating breakfast. We are literally plugged into the virtual world all the time. Digital advertising has taken off, and mobile advertising is seeing huge lifts usage and effectiveness. But with so much time and focus being spent on digital marketing, is out of home advertising effective anymore? Do people still pay attention to posters and flyers, and do billboards work for advertising?

The Event Goer Experience

April 14 2016 | by Chad Taylor

Within the past month, I attended three different events; a basketball game, a comic con, and a play. With each one, I found myself paying attention to what makes me, as an event goer, enjoy the experience of attending an event even more. Although each was very different, three common things from these recent events stood out to me; 1) the purchase process, 2) customer service, and 3) attendee engagements.