Your Best Event Ever: 17 Tips for 2017

January 04 2017 | by Jonquille Anderson

The year has come to a close and as of 2016, SpinGo has worked with over 6 million events both online and onsite. Many event makers have shared their insights, struggles, and triumphs with us that reaffirm our belief that experiences are greater than things. As an event maker, you have the power to get people off the couch and out experiencing life. Events help to fulfill that need for human connection that everyone is searching for. It’s our goal to help you create better experiences for your attendees to keep them coming back time and time again. We know that putting on an event is challenging and an event can have over a hundred moving parts.  Based on our experience with events, attendees, and event makers, we’ve compiled the top 17 tips to help you create your best event to date.

Infographic: NYE 2016 in Times Square

December 30 2016 | by Jeff Lew

The New Year's Eve Ball celebration in Times Square is one of the biggest events in the world, and it's also New York City's greatest tradition. Here are a few fun facts about what it takes to put on this huge event:

How To Use Retargeting For Your Next Event

December 28 2016 | by Madelynn Bazzelle

You’ve probably heard of retargeting by now, but how does it work for your event?

Imagine someone reading your event flyer in front of a restaurant; she’s waiting for her group of friends to arrive. Before she reads the whole flyer she sees her friends and they go inside, leaving your flyer sad and unread. But, what if you could make sure she sees your poster again before your event? Well, that’s the idea of retargeting ads. Except it’s completely digital.

It’s not easy to plan and promote an event. Here are a few quotes to inspire you through the tough times.

The Top 50 Events in the United States 2017

December 09 2016 | by Colin Matthes

Top 50 concerts, festivals, fun runs, and events everyone should attend in 2017!