We’re just getting started

August 29 2013 | by jlew210

So far, 2013 has been that kind of year for SpinGo:  5 conference sponsorships. Over 400 new calendars (and counting). 1 laser tag championship. A brand new office. The inaugural SpinGo Kart race. A lot of late nights. And countless memories. To celebrate our achievements this year, we’ve put together a highlight video. It’s a retrospective on the last few months, a glimpse into our company culture, and just a taste of some daily SpinGo shenanigans.

SpinGo attended this year's Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco. The conference centered around the "who, where, what and why" of hyperlocal. SpinGo added the perspective of "when." Our fearless leader, Kreg Peeler, brought it home when he introduced the concept of Prime Moment Targeting in a presentation called, "The When of Local."

"There is this moment when everything comes together, that if you hit people at the right time, right place...you've nailed it," he said.

Watch Kreg share his thoughts and ideas in the full presentation.

Today we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Salt Lake City Weekly, the definitive source of local happenings here in our home state of Utah. We're absolutely in love with their website and the local content they offer. SpinGo's event platform, plus City Weekly's expertise and knowledge, makes for one compelling, hyperlocal destination.