The winner of the SpinGo Ultimate Event Giveaway is... Jill from Felix (! Congratulations on winning the SpinGo Ultimate Event Giveaway at Street Fight Summit West 2014. Jill selected the Grand Slam event package which includes:

2 Admissions tickets to A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
$400 Aquavit dining gift card
1-Night stay at The Plaza Hotel
Limo service

A big thanks to all those who participated. Even though there can only be one Ultimate Event Giveaway winner, we invite all to visit our event guide, find something fun, and go LIVE IT OUT!

Photo courtesy of M Sibthorpe Photography

1 Winner.  

3 Choices.

How will you choose to live it out?

Far too often we find ourselves at home, mobile device in hand, browsing seemingly endless social media posts, only to see everyone else out and about experiencing amazing things. Isn’t it time we get out and do something memorable? 

SpinGo is committed to local entertainment, helping tourists and locals live it out. To show our commitment, we’re giving away the chance to do just that, on our dime. The SpinGo Ultimate Event Giveaway is designed to ignite your passion for events and to get your engine going!

Nothing spells that to be more truthful than art... and maybe dating websites. But most definitely art!

I was lucky enough to be one of the 75 or so audience members in the Utah Museum of Fine Art, for an incredible art display and reception for Jeff Hein – One of Utah’s (and the world’s) great realism painters.  Realism isn’t about still art or landscapes, it’s about what’s going on around you and the people as they are, not from memory.  Think Da Vinci but with out all the secrets, codes, and Tom Hanks motionless eyebrows.  Seriously, watch him, it’s weird.

SpinGo Makes Kitten Calendars?

April 01 2014 | by Amanda Peeler

For some of our friends, I think the concept of an online events calendar was still pretty foreign. When we would eagerly explain to them that Kreg was in the trenches, creating this amazing calendar, they hesitantly but supportively got on board.

”There are so many calendars though, so what’s so great about yours? Is it a kitten calendar?”

SpinGo and All That Jazz!

March 04 2014 | by penelope210

SpinGo recently got awesome tickets to the Jazz game to witness a new changing of the guards (pun intended) by taking on Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets. Although we lost, Trey Burke made Williams look old and slow, again kind of like the California Raisins, or I guess even the Backstreet Boys now. A little closure in sports feels oh, oh so great! The game was great, the company and comradery was great, and seeing former head coach Jerry Sloan was just… well… great! Even over using the word great, is great.