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How to Generate Buzz Around Your Event

March 18 2015 | by Colin Matthes

There’s an abundance of events happening every week. With all the noise and excitement competing for attendees and attention, how do you get your event to stand out?

Love it or hate it, the Apple Watch is an intriguing piece of technology. As SpinGo continues to be at the forefront of the event industry, we’ve been thinking of all the different ways we could use the latest wearable at our next big event. Here are five that came immediately to mind.

The time we spent with the passionate and confident Peerless Group President Lucas George left us feeling energized and inspired about new ways to promote events. The natural passion Lucas has for his work is contagious and can be seen in the events he puts on. It was incredible to see the natural ability he has for creating exciting events that get your heart pumping and feet moving.

SpinGo, Sundance, and StartSLC

February 26 2015 | by SpinGo Team

"Big or small, we find any event an opportunity to interact, engage, and to present the chance to have a good time. We had that opportunity twice in the month of January: One with a massive, annual event that funnels the world in to a sleepy ski town in Northern Utah. The other with the first of what will hopefully become a local tradition, a convention giving small startups the chance to have their voice heard."