Stop Pre-Printing Badges

March 28 2018 | by Miranda Romero

Stop wasting money, time and effort by sifting through pre-printed badges and wristbands at check-in. Your event's first impression is important. That is why many events are now choosing to have onsite printers to provide badging and wristbands on the spot.

What’s it like working with the world’s first monster magazine? Today we’re sharing the results from one of our most successful PPC campaigns.

Event Reports & Analytics You Need

March 15 2018 | by Miranda Romero

Did you know that 35% of marketers look at revenue generated to measure event success? While revenue is important, the fact is that an event has many moving parts working together to make that revenue and it’s wise to track the success of each of those parts to make sure your event is a well-oiled machine.

Having worked with thousands of events, we have noticed firsthand that exhibitors struggle with converting leadings into sales. We have a few proven techniques that will help you optimize your leads at your next trade show event.

In 2018 the value of expos and tradeshows is still strong. Trade shows and expos lead to more conversations, more leads, and more sales than other marketing events. Because of that, we wanted to share with you some powerful stats that help you visualize the impact of your events.